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What is Partnership?

'Partnership' is BlueSky's management information module. It allows CEOs, executive headteachers and their operations staff in all kinds of associations - from multi-academy trusts through to federations, alliances and groups of schools - to organise, manage and evaluate staff performance and school quality assurance across a network of partner schools, produce reports using aggregated evidence-based data and review the impact of strategic decision-making at the touch of a button, allowing schools to maintain their autonomy whilst ensuring accountability and supportive structures are visible.

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Partnership provides a global view of schools that are working in a school group, local authority, MAT or Regional Consortia from a single portfolio.

It provides snapshot information to support the management of staff performance and also demonstrates that activities are happening.

With flexible permissions mapped to each Trust’s own structure all of this can be achieved from just one single login anywhere anytime from any device.

Flexible permissions enable access for strategic staff to individual organisation data to support intervention, leadership development and other strategic engagements.

Quality assurance of these roles can be managed through the granular reporting structures.

Access to all organisations, not just schools, but, for example SCITTs or Leadership Programmes can be created.

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Set your strategic improvement objectives for the Trust and share these with schools, groups and individuals to create a golden thread.

For QA and inspection this provides a granular record of engagement ad impact.

Empower staff by enabling them to see how their work not only contributes to their own, their team and their school but to the group of schools as a whole.

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Standardise the objective setting process for all employees in a group, school or group of schools aligned with appropriate strategic priorities. These could be team, school or group or any combination.

Instant, comprehensive reporting allows for rigorous QA and stakeholder accountability.

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Overview statements bring together reviews for schools for all staff in a consistent format for performance related pay all evidence is clearly visible in one place making it easy for a pay committee to ratify decisions.

Standardisation and direct access to evidence supporting the decision process ensures the QA of equitable pay decisions.

Bespoke pay ranges can be imported into BlueSky.

Being able to create bespoke groups in Partnership will also enable the generation of reports around specific characteristics.

All reports can be anonymised for Inspection or stakeholder reporting.

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An aggregated view of staff responses against national or bespoke standards can be viewed for Team, School or Partnership.

Use this to inform a CPD strategy, identify expertise and celebrate success. Use this data to support talent management and succession planning.

You can use bespoke standards to set expectations across the group of schools for non academic staff enabling consistency and supporting job role expectations across the group of schools.

This report creates instant data that would ordinarily take weeks to collate.

Detailed results for members of staff are used to form a global view, drill down to identify individual best practice and developments needs.

Use this information to support the brokering of services with other schools and groups of schools, reduce CPD costs by using you own experts and develop collaborative coaching and mentoring programmes.

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Upload your Trust wide professional learning programmes into BlueSky so that all schools and individuals can access it. Or choose to invite certain groups or schools to engage. BlueSky manages the entire process from marketing, booking and through to approval and evaluation. The format ensures a smart way to share pre-event resources and materials to delegates.

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Track the direction of your professional learning by focusing on the number of hours that have been allocated to group, school or Trust wide strategic objectives in activities. Drill deeper to review impact of these learning interventions.

Ideal for stakeholder reporting and use as a means of validating success towards strategic objectives.

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Capture live observations directly into BlueSky through your own monitoring pro forma built at partnership or school level. Ensures standardised procedures and practice whilst also enabling schools to retain a degree of autonomy if appropriate.

Data can be gathered on any device and aggregated to triangulate to support staff performance monitoring and reviews both within and across schools.

BlueSky reporting can draw data over time, across more than one year enabling senior leaders to identify consistent strengths to ensure robustness of expertise.

Massive impact on reducing workload.

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Staff working in schools to support or provide interventions can access all monitoring pro forma from one single profile, whether created at school level or partnership. Providing a robust means of ensuring standardised QA across a Trust or group of schools.

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Employee on a page for any period of time will pull through all aspects of an employee’s development and learning. This provides a 360 profile of their performance data in a summary. Very useful for succession planning. This detail is live for all staff and is visible on their dashboard and to senior staff with appropriate permissions.

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