Two languages, three curricula, one system.

St Paul’s School - Sao Paulo, Brazil

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A bilingual British International School, which focuses on the British National Core Curriculum, but also offers the Brazilian Core Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. It was the first South American school to be formally recognised by the British Government as a British School Overseas and is a member of

"In December 2015, the school had a British Schools Overseas Inspection, requiring a selection of reports to be submitted. Before the arrival of BlueSky it would have taken days to prepare these reports – now six months after BlueSky’s installation, they can be printed off in no time at all."

Louise Simpson
Head, St. Paul’s School

The Challenge

With its multi-faceted offering, streamlining staff reviews and CPL was a priority across their 129 teachers, as well as non-academic staff, learning support and administrative staff.

Their existing system, with reviews and development on one form and lesson observations on another, was making it difficult to make informed decisions.

The strategic leadership group faced four key challenges:

  • Setting and managing appraisal objectives and reviewing performance against targets
  • Capturing lesson observations in a way that would fit with its own pro-forma, and link to its school priorities
  • Tracking the cost and impact of CPL, and encouraging staff to take responsibility for their own training
  • Developing and uploading the school's own professional standards, for staff to attach supporting evidence

BlueSky's Role

With BlueSky, St. Paul's now has a centralised all-digital system, giving the school total command over capturing, monitoring and evaluating data.

The school can now:

  • Track staff reviews and monitor their development accurately.
  • Share best practice, which is top of the school's list of priorities.
  • Gain staff feedback on the impact of their training.
  • Run the review process with ease. Senior leaders can see at a glance which staff have met their objectives, carried out their self-evaluation, and who needs chasing

The Impact

In addition to all-round efficiency and ease, there has been a significant positive impact on the staff. Teachers:

  • are now much more part of the process, and feel more valued. They can log all internal training, highlight their successes and evidence the skill sets they are currently working to develop.
  • see BlueSky as a formal commitment by the school to professional development. They regularly evaluate their progress, understanding that goals must be reached before they can progress professionally.
  • access the school's newly devised professional standards, embedded in BlueSky, working towards the same standards and ethos, regardless of their role

Louise Simpson, Head, St. Paul's School concludes: "BlueSky creates a clear and effective platform and basis for supporting and developing our staff. Our staff are our most precious asset and it is crucial that we recognise this and continue to offer them support and development opportunities. BlueSky is helping us to do this more effectively."