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5 February 2021

We love hearing from our customers about how BlueSky is supporting staff and school development and improvement processes. Here is just a snippet of what some of our very satisfied customers say about BlueSky.

"It's the best system of its type I've come across in a 30+ year career in education. The support is excellent too"

Mike Butler, CEO, Haughton Academy

"It is logical to use, it is a whole school tool. It quickly provides a wealth of information that can support school improvement. Having one electronic system for professional development, appraisal, and monitoring brings everything together. Monitoring is much more effective. One system for monitoring, appraisal and professional development is invaluable."

Margaret Burton, Deputy Head Teacher, Woodley School & College

"A very good system for all colleagues and leaders, especially having everything in one place and being able to analyse teaching and learning by looking at observations, where our strengths and weaknesses are."

Sammy O'Brien, Assistant Headteacher, Kennel Lane School

"A one-stop shop for professional development and appraisal. Lesson observations and professional development needs are captured centrally and can be analysed easily. Performance management support and analysis is easily managed ensuring that systems are supportive and robust."

Neil Wilkinson, Executive Headteacher, The Bemrose School

"It's really powerful. It's the only solution we've used that allows all data to be kept in one place for quality assurance of teaching and learning and paper-free appraisal, observations, learning walks."

Ben Hill, Deputy Headteacher, Parrs Wood High School

"We are still developing it's use, my favourite currently is the whole school use of the resources section to easily share policy updates. It provides easy upload of supporting evidence from existing documentations, easy analysis of where people are in the performance cycle, streamlines observation processes and reduces paperwork."

Sally Hill, Academies Business Manager, Aquinas Church of England Education Trust

"It helps staff to keep track of their CPD, linking to appraisal and useful for record-keeping - e.g. lesson observations. You can build your SEF in BlueSky and evaluate the impact of CPD."

Imran Khan, Assistant Headteacher, Shire Oak Academy

"The back office support team are always on hand to help when necessary which makes a massive difference. They work with their customers to find solutions and they understand the business nature of schools so are always trying to make the system do more. With 100+ teachers and 150+ support staff members I can't imagine doing this job without such a system. As a senior leader who oversees appraisals it has a huge impact on my ability to manage the process fairly and consistently. For teachers, it means they are able to collate everything in one place, rather than on paper in folders. In relation to the quality of education we are able to show the number of teachers who are exceeding expected levels against their objectives and similarly, those who aren't and the interventions put in place to support them improve."

Claire Adams, Deputy Headteacher, Ringwood School Academy

"It's brilliant, and the customer service is superb too. It significantly reduces teacher workload when undertaking Learning Walks and the Self Evaluation tool creates simplicity. We've used the data from Learning Walks to act on key areas such as feedback to students."

Anna Joseph, Assistant Headteacher, JFS

"I am a HUGE advocate for BlueSky. It has changed my life in T&L when recording data for observations, book looks, appraisal and CPD. It allows me to focus on the data outcomes as opposed to inputting and analysing data with my own graphs. The appraisal system is much more organised and allows stakeholders to understand it as opposed to previous systems. Everything is available online as opposed to being required to be in school. An excellent and visual way to record and produce data for all stakeholders to understand. All staff are easily able to use and access BlueSky at the click of a few buttons."

Abbi Williams, Assistant Principal, Pool Hayes Academy

"It's wonderfully easy to navigate. It's easy to access data because it's cloud-based so accessed anywhere. It's customisable to your organisation. The support is personal, accessible, and excellent. The support team create a really inclusive 'family feel' and have a real 'can do' approach to support. Being able to filter and search for data/information saves time and being able to structure processes/outcomes means modifications are not necessary. It is excellent support for inspection preparation. It provides a confident overview and identification of areas that require attention and evidence-based pay progression. There is a clear evidence trail of excellent practice to help support meaningful praise. It also gives a unified and consistent approach to lesson observation and appraisal, and detailed records of CPD which clearly tie into department and school objectives."

Peter Chillingworth, Director of CPD, Sherborne School

"Customer care is 10/10. I have been supported brilliantly in the past and continue to be so. Evidence and evaluations are collated in one place for analysis."

Liz Wren, Assistant Headteacher, Roundhay School

"Great customer service, strong training and easy to use. Makes observations of trainee teachers quicker, streamlines appraisal process and report writing for SCITT trainees."

Stefan Merryweather, Assistant Headteacher, Great Marlow School

"It does what I need, joins up school improvement, appraisal, CPD and monitoring in one place and allows for effective reporting for governors and training needs of staff. It significantly reduces teacher workload for appraisals, monitoring, CPD, and 360 analysis; as well as significantly improving school processes in appraisal and monitoring, linking all the approaches to monitoring together in one place. It allows for immediate response and staff feel that having their record in front of them is good and shows their professional development."

Paul Urry, Headteacher, St Stephen's C of E Primary School

"It is a useful platform that allows us to centralise information and build individual portfolios thereby getting teachers to take ownership of their progress/development."

Christoph Genz, Deputy Dean of Faculty, UWC Changsu China

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