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The Academies Show London

9 April 2018

Pay, financial health and the sustainability of Trusts are the hot topics to be addressed at this year's Academies Show on the 25th April at Excel in London by VIP keynote speaker Lord Theodore Agnew, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Schools System, Department for Education. School improvement, social mobility and tackling under-performance, particularly in opportunity areas, will also be reviewed, as will effective governance and striking a balance between information overload and enabling good decision-making.

Help is at hand on stand 326 where developers of BlueSky, the UK's leading online education performance system, will be offering practical hands-on advice for your schools. Our team can provide some expert counsel on:

  • Making the most of talented staff across your network
  • Driving school improvement through collaboration
  • Performance related pay across your MAT
  • Professional development, staff retention and performance management
  • Organising and managing your MAT efficiently

We'll be showcasing 'Partnership' our new management information module which allows CEOs and SLTs to organise, manage and evaluate staff performance and school quality assurance across a network, produce reports using aggregated evidence-based data and review the impact of strategic decision-making at the touch of a button. Most importantly, it allows schools to maintain their autonomy whilst ensuring accountability and supportive structures are visible.

'Partnership' ensures that data from all schools within a partnership is standardised

and consistent. Managed from a single portfolio with a flexible structure, it supports communication processes across organisations, ensuring clarity and consistency.

It improves:

• Collaboration – by facilitating professional learning and action research between and within schools

• Coordination of programmes, such as those for ITTs and NPQs

• Human Resources – including performance management, succession planning and talent management

• Quality Assurance – by monitoring processes such as teaching and learning

Standardisation of objectives and appraisal processes across schools provide a level of transparency which ensures that decisions regarding pay progression for everyone working in the school - from a headteacher to non academic staff - are consistent and fair.

Operations staff can drill down vertically into granular data, as well as view horizontally the progress of groups across the network – e.g. ITTs, NPQs, NQTs – and map, track and quality-assure progress. 'Partnership' will also enable the delivery and management of cross-school programmes such as NPQs.

Partnership also supports MAT's internal quality assurance processes in managing and developing their teams at both individual school level and as a wider strategic organisation.

Access rights can be determined to grant headteachers, senior leadership teams and groups of staff permissions to share data, resources, best practice and training, all from an individual log in.

It's a great solution to many MAT issues. Come along to stand 326 to find out more or request a demo

Denise Inwood

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Denise Inwood
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