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Staff retention and removing the barriers to effective CPD and training

5 October 2018

Retention of existing staff has never been more important with one in four teachers currently considering leaving the profession, numbers of trainees down by a quarter and shortages in key subjects such as maths, physics and modern foreign languages particularly prevalent.

According to a report Working Conditions, Teacher Job Satisfaction and Retention by TALIS, published in 2017, "more cooperation between teachers and more effective professional development is associated with increased teacher job satisfaction" as well as reducing the odds of teachers moving school.

Implementing high-quality CPD can do much to stem the exit and aid the retention of good staff, but, as always, there are obstacles - namely time and money - which need to be considered before implementing an effective programme.

So what can schools do to help remove the barriers to effective CPD and training?

Identifying talent, making the most of expertise within your school or MAT and encouraging your star players to take on the role of lead trainers, is one of the first steps you can take to address this issue. The BlueSky Needs Analysis area has been specifically designed to help SLTs instigate this practice by making it easy to aggregate reviews across a team, school or whole Trust and identify your experts as well as focus on the gaps.

Delivering training in-house will then enable you to tailor sessions to the specific needs of your school, leading directly to improved outcomes within the classroom. It will also give your trainers an increased sense of value and allow you to save money on paid training and the associated costs of travel and cover.

Having identified your talent pool, these individuals can be deployed across your school or seconded to other schools within your trust or beyond in real need of support. You could even begin to barter services from your organisation and others, exchanging expertise for support.

A comprehensive online solution can do much to help you manage this process and review performance management and CPD simultaneously throughout your organisation and maximise the impact of training by focussing on areas where performance is shown to be lower.

Lampton School in Hounslow used BlueSky to evaluate the effectiveness of its professional learning training programme and inform strategy for the upcoming year. It has used BlueSky's Training and Continuous Professional Learning modules to advertise its range of in-house courses to staff, ensure equal access to this provision, log their professional learning sessions and most importantly the impact it has had on their practice.

Commenting on the solution, Johnnie Pavey, Assistant Head, Lampton School said, "BlueSky helps the leadership team know explicitly how well staff are doing, while giving staff ownership of their own career progression."

To read more about how Lampton School used BlueSky to help with its CPD take a look at their case study.

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Denise Inwood

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