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BlueSky and Stone King invite you to our regional events across the UK in 2018

11 December 2017

Following the success of our previous events, BlueSky has partnered with Stone King for a joint seminar that will focus on Talent Management. This seminar will focus on how to identify talent, the potential value of identifying that talent and how best to utilise those individuals in your context. Effective talent management can boost retention, support succession planning and encourage recruitment.

BlueSky is delighted to be working with Stone King to support schools in the management of this challenging process.

Craig Vincent Head of HR Consultancy Services and a Stone King regional HR Consultant along with Denise Inwood, founder and Managing Director of BlueSky will provide an overview on all aspects of Talent Management. Focusing on:

  • An introduction to Talent Management
  • Why is Talent Management important in a SAT / MAT?
  • How can you identify talent within your School / Trust?
  • How can you utilise Talent Management to support retention and enable succession planning?
  • How is Talent Management integrated into other HR processes?
  • How do we retain Talent?

These events will be held in various locations across the UK. Places are free of charge on a first come first served basis:

  • Birmingham - Tuesday 6th February 2018
  • London - Thursday 21st June 2018
  • Leeds - Tuesday 9th October 2018
  • Bath - Tuesday 13th November 2018

We look forward to seeing you there!

To book a place or to find out more information please email: or