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A busy break brings new BlueSky developments

6 September 2016

Welcome back to those of you that have been on your Summer break. We've been busy here.

New updates include a whole new manage dashboard and fully bespoke lesson observations

A brand new manage dashboard

Take a whole new look at the status of your staff's professional progress. Look at typicality across all those you manage. Here's a glimpse ..

Bespoke Observations

Complete flexibility with your proformas, use lesson observations to record simple dialogues with no rating through to a bespoke up to 9 point rating scale. Take complete control, contact us to learn more…

Training and CPL:

Resources for Training

When creating training sessions any resources attached are now automatically linked to any CPL's created from the session.

Professional Learning Evidence

When flood filling CPL activities, connected to a training session or on behalf of individuals, you are now able to upload pieces of evidence i.e. Certificates.

With more to come:

Further enhancements to the manage dashboard, and brand new interactive admin and partnership dashboards all this term.

We're also adding session times to professional learning events as we speak ....