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[Leading during COVID 19] Personal Resourcefulness with BTS Spark


Online training event

Course description

RECORDED SESSIONS - Please book as usual to access the recordings and presentations. The time and date reflect how long the recording will be at least available UNTIL. Great leadership happens not when things are going well, but when times are the most challenging. This webinar series will explore what stops us from being at our best as a leader and the beliefs, patterns and qualities within us that drive these reactions. It will help you to stay resourceful and respond at your best more of the time – during your everyday leadership and the most challenging times. We will also share a wider range of tips and strategies for boosting your resilience and wellbeing.

Training Facilitator

Jo Lally, Leadership Coach, BTS Spark, with Denise Barrows, Head of Education, BTS Spark

Course objectives

  • Understand how your mindset and emotional state can prevent you from leading at your best
  • Explore the personal triggers that can lead to a loss of resourcefulness
  • Learn a simple process to help manage your state and maintain your resourcefulness
  • Identify a range of strategies for boosting your resilience and wellbeing
  • Discover the Mindtraps that can hold you back and how these impact on leadership
  • Recognise the steps to help you break free from your Mindtraps

Contact details

BTS Spark – – tel: 07765222549

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