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[Leading during COVID 19] Supporting Others by BTS Spark


Online training event

Course description

RECORDED SESSIONS - Please book as usual to access the recordings and presentations. The time and date reflect how long the recording will be at least available UNTIL. This webinar series will focus on the core leadership capabilities for building trust and connection to effectively engage and support others. It will introduce a simple framework to help you create genuine two-way dialogue which is transparent, powerful and drives better outcomes. Participants will have a chance to complete an assessment of their own coaching skills and explore four core coaching styles to help build the confidence and capability of their team members.

Training Facilitator

Jo Lally, Leadership Coach, BTS Spark, with Denise Barrows, Head of Education, BTS Spark

Course objectives

  • Understand the core foundations of a powerful conversation
  • Consider how to build trust to unlock openness and honesty
  • Understand how to listen so that the other feels truly heard and understood
  • Explore some simple frameworks for deeper listening and effective questioning
  • Understand the full range of coaching styles and reflect on your preferred approach
  • Learn a simple framework to guide you in flexing your style

Contact details

BTS Spark – – tel: 07765222549

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