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Stone King LLP - School re-opening, challenges so far and potential issues in the future. Employment, HR and Health and Safety ‘live workshop' (2/2)


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Course description

Craig Vincent – Partner and Head of HR Consultancy services at Stone King LLP, Polly O’Malley – Partner, Employment Team at Stone King LLP, Michael Brotherton – Partner, Education Team at Stone King LLP, Andrew Banks – Partner, Head of Court and Regulatory Team at Stone King LLP & Denise Inwood – Managing Director, BlueSky Education Our panel of experts will be available in this exclusive webinar to answer your queries in relation to issues faced so far upon re-opening and any potential issues that may arise. We will also look ahead to potential arrangements for September and provide an overview on the most recent news from the Department for Education. We hope you are able to join this session and encourage your engagement with the questions you want answered around Employment, HR and Health and Safety. Questions can be sent directly via a message or email in advance, otherwise, we will answer as many as possible during the live session. By booking on to this session, you will have access to the prior session via a recording. Some of the questions we answered last week were: • I have an employee that doesn’t want to return to work as she feels unsafe has CC’d the Trade Union in to her emails. She has mild asthma and is in a BAME group. How can I address this and should I do a risk assessment? • I have an employee who says he can’t return due to childcare as his son’s nursery isn’t open on the days he want him in school? Is this unpaid leave? • Do I have to provide PPE does people travelling into work? • Will schools be open over the summer holidays and will staff be expected to work? • If a staff member does decide to go abroad in the last week of the summer holiday does that mean they can’t return to work due to Quarantine?

Training Facilitator

Craig Vincent-Partner and Head of HR Consultancy services, Polly O’Malley–Partner, Employment Team, Michael Brotherton–Partner, Education Team, Andrew Banks–Partner, Head of Court and Regulatory Team all from Stone King LLP & Denise Inwood - MD at BlueSky

Course objectives

  • To discuss the challenges and potential issues you may face with schools re-opening

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Stone King – – tel: 07765222549

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