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[Planning for recovery] Leading and teaching to support all children, particularly disadvantaged, to be successful in the mid and late 21st Century. What is the pandemic forcing us to think about within Education?


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Course description

Dan Nicholls (Director of Education, Cabot Learning Federation). These are unusual times. It is a good point to reflect on the purpose and direction of education in a post-pandemic world. The pandemic has exposed the inequity in society and brought forward a future that is likely to be dominated by significant change. What does this mean for curriculum, assessment and teaching? How do we support children to thrive and be successful in their future?

Training Facilitator

Dan Nicholls (Director of Education, Cabot Learning Federation)

Course objectives

  • To explore what we are learning from the pandemic
  • To understand the opportunities available to leaders and teachers in the future to enhance education
  • Exploring what is the role of schools and Trusts in their communities in a post-pandemic world

Contact details

Dan Nicholls (Director of Education, Cabot Learning Federation) – – tel: 07765222549

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