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[Leadership Suite: Technical and legal issues for leadership during COVID - 19] Recruiting and retaining leadership talent: what makes you different?


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Course description

This period of seismic social and economic change has led to people re-evaluating their motivations and priorities. How might this influence school and trust leaders’ career aspirations and openness to new opportunities? And how should employers respond to make their employer brand distinctive, and ensure they can retain and recruit the very best talent? A recording of the session will be made available from 21st May at 2pm

Training Facilitator

David Gooda and Raymond Kelly of Navigate NDC, talent specialists in the education sector – interim leadership, permanent leadership recruitment, recruitment marketing, employer branding

Course objectives

  • To better understand the likely changes in school and trust leadership recruitment
  • To identify practical steps that employers can take to attract talent
  • To explore how a compelling employer brand can help to recruit and retain strong leaders

Contact details

Navigate – – tel: 07765222549

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